7 Valentine’s Day Gifts to Woo your Wife

According to the Greek mythology, God initially created humans with two heads and four arms, and gave them immense powers. Fearing that one day humans could rise against the God, Zeus divided them into two separate individuals. Since then the one half is always in the search of the other half that are believed to be reunited through the holy sanction of marriage. It is true that there is no other bond as special as that of a wife and her husband. And what better way to celebrate your spouse’s love on Valentine’s Day than professing your undying love through special Valentine’s day gifts. If you are a loving husband who is in lookout for special Valentine’s day gifts for wife, this post lists seven innovative gift ideas that will surely bring a doting smile on your wife’s face.

1. Wooden Plaques

Nothing works out better, than putting your love out there in the open, for you wife to see. Cherish her being and the moments of togetherness, by compiling a loving short poem or passage and get it carved on a wooden plaque. Gifting her, such a plaque would surely earn you some brownie points this Valentine’s.

2. Cushions and Pillows

Let your wife know how much you love spending time with her. Whet


her it be sitting on a couch, watching a movie, or snuggling up against each other in a warm blanket, as you sip a glass of wine, make her feel special. This Valentine’s day, gift her customised cushions and pillows, that bear your favorite moments together as a couple, and she would definitely be impressed with your thoughtfulness.

3. Photoframes

They say, photographs never go old, nor do the faces in them. Immortalise your love for your wife, and say that you love her, by capturing a photograph of you together, and gift it to her, enclosed in exquisite photo frame. As the years go by, these photo frames will remind her of the times when together, you created memories and then froze the time in that moment!

4. Couple Rings

Not to be confused with the obsession that Gollum had with the ring in the Tolkien’s novel, women actually love rings. This Valentine’s Day, celebrate your holy engagement by presenting her with couple ring, and revisit the vows that you took at the time of marriage. While nothing can replace the memories of the first time you did propose to her, reliving the moment again with her will work wonders for you in the years to come.

5. Fragrances

Tell your wife that her presence makes you go gaga, and that, her fragrance makes you yearn for her! This Valentine’s day, gifting your wife, a bottle of her favorite fragrance can be an impressive move, and one which will definitely make her hug you even more tightly. Share her enthusiasm as she puts on the fragrance that you have gifted her, and as she gets ready for a beautiful night, and you will go places with her, for sure!

6. Soft Toys

Women have a soft heart, and even a softer corner in their heart for soft toys. Yes, the teddy bears, and cute puppy toys that were once her favorite as a child, still can make her go head-over-heels for them. A soft toy can be a good Valentine’s day gift for your wife, and you can even surprise her, by giving her more than one toy. A word of caution though: you might have to spent many nights in living room, if you give her too many teddies!

7. Chocolate Box

We have saved the best gift idea for your wife for the last: chocolates. Probably the only time when you don’t hear the familiar sound of “ hey baby! I am getting so bulky”, is the time, when your favorite woman in the world is having chocolates. In addition to being addictive as hell, chocolates are also a powerful aphrodisiac. Gifting your wife chocolates, therefore, might earn you a lot more than just brownie points.

Wrapping up

Every woman deserves a man who loves her, and every man deserves a woman who appreciates his efforts! This Valentine’s day, tell you wife, how much she means to you and that her presence brightens every single moment of your life. Shower her with gifts and praise her, not just on the Valentine’s, but also on every single day that you get to spend together. Your wife deserves your doting love, and honest appreciation. Tell her, how beautiful she looks every single day , and you have unlocked the secret to a happily married life.


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