4 Ways to Surprise Your Dad This Father’s Day


Remember your childhood days when you would proclaim your love for your dad and declare him to be the world’s best father whenever he brought a surprise gift or your favorite snack. We all love pleasant surprises, and your dad is no exception. Whether he is an expressive father, or like most dads does not expresses his emotions openly, gifting him a special surprise gift such as a Father’s Day gift hamper, or a Father’s Day gift basket this Father’s Day is sure to floor him. Further, to help you add a twist of tale to your celebrations, the post lists some unique ways to surprise your dad this Father’s Day. Take a look.

1. Gift him a Day off

Dads work hard everyday to provide for their family. If you think your father has worked too hard without a break for quite some time, why not let him take the day off on Father’s Day. Make him feel special by treating him like royalty. Bring him breakfast in bed and do all his chores so that he can laze around or do anything that appeals him.

2. Re-create Special Memories With him

We all wish we had a time machine which we can use to revisit our fondest of memories. Till time travel becomes a reality and not a distant dream, why not recreate your fondest memories with your dad. You can for ,instance, recreate the memories of a drunken night with your dad by visiting the same bar. You can also recreate a hilarious or an emotional conversation that made you burst into tears.

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3. Make a Coupon Book

Your dad’s achievement is too substantial to be celebrated on a single day. To make every day special for him, create a coupon book with unique give aways such as a free car wash, one chore free day, and a day with my gang. Make the whole thing dramatic by including some rules and the last date to use the hampers. He has pampered you for years, now is your time to give back some love.

4. Make a Scrapbook

Scrapbooks are the windows to revisit our past, everyone loves them, your father included. To floor him this Father’s Day, make a scrapbook that includes pictures of special moments you two have shared. Use your creative juices to write down quotes and poems. Include messages and artworks by other family members. The scrapbook will help him refresh his most cherished memories for years to come.

All set to Surprise him?

Father’s Day is round the corner, which means you do not have much time to plan these surprises. So get going and put your creativity to good use to plan Father’s Day celebrations. If you are running out of ideas, take inputs from friends and family members or scan the internet to learn about more ways you can make your dad feel special this Father’s Day.


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