5 Types of Rakhis that Need your Attention, This Raksha Bandhan


Raksha bandhan is just around the corner. The market is swamped with colorful rakhis and sisters shopping for the best rakhis for their brothers. While there is no dearth of different types of rakhis available on the market, there are a several rakhis that are always in demand. If you are already overwhelmed by the options at hand and not able to narrow down your search to the best rakhi for your brother, here is a list of popular rakhis that are worth your consideration. Take a look.

1. Muali Rakhis

The most basic yet so elegant! Mauli is considered to be an auspicious thread in the Hindu religion. The color and aesthetic appeal of mauli rakhi is sure to enhance the beauty of your brother’s wrist. Mauli rakhis are not only inexpensive, but also very comfortable to wear. You will find a variety of mauli rakhis decorated with elegant beads that make them look even more beautiful.

2. Silver Rakhis

Silver is known to be a sacred metal, which is one of the reasons you must consider tying silver rakhis at your brother’s wrist. Silver rakhis are usually made of sterling silver and are not very expensive. These rakhis look glamorous and trendy, therefore, are always in demand and sell like hot cake, every raksha bandhan. You will find a wide selection of silver rakhis online that are sure to grace up the occasion.

3. Designer Rakhis

If you are looking for something unique and won’t mind spending a little extra, designer rakhis are for you. Designer rakhis look are different from other rakhis and are sure to stand out on your brother’s wrist. These rakhis are, however, not easily available as compared to other rakhis, but you can easily find them with several online brands such as Archie’s that offer a wide range of unique designer rakhis every year.

4. Rudraksh Rakhis

Rudraksh is a type of seed, which is considered to be very sacred in hindu religion. It is know to protect from negative energy. Rudraksh rakhis are available in multiple designs and patterns. Single rudraksh rakhis are the best choice for those who prefer minimalist designs.

5. Bracelet Rakhis

If you are tired of tying same run-of-the-mill rakhis every year, go for bracelet rakhis. Bracelet rakhis are stylish and fashionable. Bracelet rakhis are made of gold, silver, diamonds, pearls, and beads and are available in either wrist bands or chains. Your fashionable brother is sure to like a bracelet rakhi.

Wrap up

This Raksha Bandhan let your brothers feel special and loved with trendy rakhis. Among myriad of rakhi choices available both online and offline, choose the one that suits your brother’s personality. When shopping for rakhis online, make sure you order them on time to avoid last minute regrets. Also, read terms and condition of the product delivery before making the purchase. If you want to gift something along with the rakhi, you will find numerous rakhi gift hampers for brothers online.


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